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About Us

Real estate market is booming again and second time, it showing new trends. The latest trend in market is taking informed decisions. Smart buyers are interested in buying real estate only when they find it advantageous. They want to know everything about real estate before making an opinion on the given options.

We’re realtors but we like to call us consultants as we’re more into consultancy than in selling real estate. Buyers from across the globe comes to us for consultancy in real estate and we help the buyers in make smart decisions. Our service is different because our approach is different.

  • Home buyers need advice and guidance instead of options
  • They are waiting to hear from realtors that give right advice
  • Buyers no longer take real estate as an investment but an asset
  • They look for long-term benefits instead of short-selling
  • Buyers are more concerned with look, theme and facilities
  • They buy homes to upgrade their lifestyle and status
  • Builders also sell their properties as exclusive homes

Our strength

Knowledge is the real strength and we as a leading property consultant keeps a close eye on the real estate market. We keep details of every project and current market price to help our customers.

  • Learned executives keep studying the real estate market
  • Every customer is given personal attention he deserves
  • Experienced executives are quick to understand needs
  • Every need is different and there is no one-fit-for-all solution
  • Consultancy is provided after understanding needs
  • We only tender advice and leave the clients free to take decisions

We offer

Consultancy is what our clients need. They come to us looking for advice that we give after matching needs with options.

  • We have information on real estate projects
  • We source information from real estate developers
  • Our information is 100% authentic
  • We provide real help in buying properties
  • We give vaastu tips for real estate investment

Home loan: We’ve business connections with banks, finance companies and private lenders. We can get buyers quick loan at a very reasonable interest rate. And homebuyers can easily get home loan in a hassle free manner.

We answer all queries of homebuyers

Buying a property is a big decision as it involves money. You want to buy a home but don’t know how. You can come to us for help and explore the options matching with your needs. We’ll educate you on the monetary investment required for buying real estate.

We’re real friends of buyers

Homebuyers need education more than options. Today there are more options than ever before but it is consultants that give education. We’re leading consultants helping homebuyers make informed decisions in a unique way.

You are looking for your dream home but worried about how to buy a home. Here only we can help as our job is to provide consultancy to homebuyers. And we provide the consultancy free of cost. No fee is charged for advice and commission is charged only when there is a deal. And buyers make deals on our advice.