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Vaastu Tips for Home

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is a science of architecture with its origins in traditional Hindu system. Also called Vastu Vidya, it is a vast collection of ideas and concepts related to building design and features. Nowadays, homebuyers consider vastu a prominent factor in real estate investment. They want their homes to be fully vastu compliant to get maximum benefit of the ancient architecture.

Vastu for real estate

We offer free vastu tips to our clients and our tips are personalized to suit individual needs. Every flat has its pros and cons; every plot gets negative and positive energy and every development is influenced by the power of nature. We understand vastu vidya and we know how to apply vastu rules to set things right and create a positive atmosphere for users.

  • Study of architecture and design from vastu point of view
  • Highlighting areas of positive energy
  • Locating grey areas that need improvement
  • Finding ways to drive to positive energy to home
  • Filling the void created by draining of energy

Understanding vastu

The entire Vastu Shastra is built on five elements called Panchtatva and it is said that everything in this universe contains one or all the five elements. In vastu, we try balancing these five elements in a home. And we it with precision as our experience in Vastu Vidya is richer than others. Every home has a unique vastu that can be balanced to create positive atmosphere.

How we do it?

It’s our knowledge and experience of Vastu Shastra and a positive approach towards vastu solutions that empower us to give personalized vastu tips. We wat to keep our tips different and for this reason we decided to give tips on demand and only after studying needs of the clients. Also, our way of making changes is different. Instead of breaking, we believe in constructing new elements that suppress the negative energy.

  • The objective is to create way for positive energy to enter
  • Colored lights can remove negativity from a home to some extent
  • Shifting bathrooms and stairs becomes necessary to give a positive theme to a home
  • Sometimes a window is closed permanently and a new one is opened to let sun shower its shine in a home
  • Dark nooks and corners are filled with light to remove negative energy

The good thing is that architectures and interior designers are taking care of vastu while designing homes. And there is little left for homeowners to do. Also, we give simple vastu tips to follow.

  • Remove cobwebs from home
  • Fill your home with bright light during festive season
  • Keep the north-east area of your home free
  • Discard things you no longer use like old newspapers, worn-our clothes and torn books
  • Avoid use of black and red colors in home

Follow these simple vastu tips and keep your home free from negative energy. For more tips, you can come to us for help. We will study your needs and give tips you can follow in a hassle free manner. We believe in keeping things simple and affordable.