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Welcome to our FAQ section where we answer frequently asked questions related to our service. Our efforts are to include as many FAQs regarding our service as possible. For more information, you can visit our office.

Who we are?

We are leading realtors but we work as consultants. Our job is to provide consultancy to homebuyers.

What is property consultancy and how is it different from regular real estate service?

Consultancy is advisory service. Our job is to give advice and guide the buyers to the properties matching with their needs. The basic difference between consultancy and other services is of approach. Our role is educative. We educate homebuyers on real estate market and help in making investment choice.

How do we consult properties?

The consulting process includes discussing needs and suggesting matching options. Clients come to us and discuss their needs like what type of home they are looking for; their budget and objective of real estate investment. We suggest options matching with their needs and give reasons for choosing specific options.

Do we help in getting home loans?

Banks and private financial institutions give loans for buying homes. We have business relations with lenders. But it doesn’t mean that we help lenders in targeting buyers. Our role is advisory and we limit our role to match lenders with buyers.

In home loan, we’ll help in locating friendly lenders and processing your loan application. We’ll simplify the loan process for your convenience.

Do we give vastu tips?

Homebuyers take vastu tips from astrologers but little do they know they know that Vastu Shastra is related to real estate and that an experienced realtor can give better advice on vastu. We’ll keep basic vastu designs in mind when suggesting options. Also, we’ll give quick tips to keep your home free from negative energy.

Do we provide consultation over phone?

For consultation, you can meet us in our office or call our executives over phone. You can even write to us to consult for real estate.

How is our consultation helpful for buyers?

Real estate market is quite big and fluctuating. There are many options available and more options keep coming from time to time. We educate homebuyers and investors so that they take informed decision.

Do we offer help in selling real estate?

We provide complete consultancy service that is about buying and selling real estate. Whether you want to buy a new home or want to sell your home at a good price, you can take advantage of free property consultation provided by our experienced executives.